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The UK's leading USB Replacement Camera Cable reference guide - Locate your camera make, model number for a replacement USB Cable in seconds using our unique easy to use guide. Our system will then point you in the right direction to make an instant purchase from one of the UK's leading suppliers in this field.

Ex-Pro manufacture a range of replacement camera cables manufactued to the same standards as the original OEM product. In most cases we also supply the original cable if available and where possible.

Our large production runs allow us to provide lower prices whilst maintaining quality. Our units are ROHS complient and fully tested.

As digitial technology changes so does our range, we now include all types of HDMI digital connection, including the very latest Micro Type D connection.


Lost and don't know the connection you need ?

If you are unable to locate your camera cable, by using our Manufacture or Visual Reference guide please email details of your camera, if possible attach a picture of the port which requires connection to USB and we will do our best to match the cable for you. Send E-Mail 

Featuring the latest in production standards.

  • All cables are manufactured to the same or equivalent standards to the original OEM Cable 

  • Cables we provide have been tested to be compliant and function on the model's we provide compatibility for.

  • Where possible our cables provide full facility of the original cable.
  • Units where applicable CE Approved & ROHS Compliant.

Ex-Pro provide digital connectivity for a wide range of Digital Camera & Camcorders including Camera USB, Camcorder DV /USB, Camera AV, Camcorder AV, HDMI (Mini & Micro) for almost all major and sub brands available.


Connectivity Types

  • USB for direct connection for data download (Pictures, Video, Sound) to your PC/Mac.

  • Firewire, DV, iLink, S400 used usually for connecting Camcorders to a PC/Mac for footage streaming - not compatible with USB.

  • USB A/V - USB output from a Camera or similar to Phono AV connection - for connection to a TV,LCD, VCR etc..

  • HDMI - Connection to a HDMI port, 3 standards "Standard connection found on most TV's etc.. "Mini - Type C" found on Camcorders and Cameras and new "Micro - Type D" found on newer devices with a much smaller connection, Cameras, phones etc...

Cable brand search.    

Brands :-
Agfa Agfa
Aiptek Aiptek
Aiptek Argus
Aiptek Archos
Aiptek BenQ
Canon Canon
Casio Casio
Concord Concord
Contax Contax
Cool-icam Cool-icam
Creative Creative Labs
Epson Epson
Fuji Fuji
Gateway Gateway
Contax Hitachi
Contax Jenoptik
Contax JVC
Kodak Kodak
Konica Konica
Kyocera Kyocera
Mustek Leica
Minolta Minolta
Mustek Mustek
Nikon Nikon
Olympus Olympus
Opus Opus
Packard Bell Packard Bell
Panasonic Panasonic
Pentax Pentax
Polaroid Polaroid
Vivitar Praktica
Ricoh Ricoh
Samsung Samsung
Sanyo Sanyo
Sealife Sealife
Sharp Sharp
Sigma Sigma
Sipix Sipix
Sony Sony
Texas Instruments Texas Instruments
Toshiba Toshiba
Traveller Traveler
Vivitar Vivitar
Yashica Yashica

Digital Camera Cables :-


If you are unsure about the connection on your device, please use our "Advanced Product Finder" to locate the part required. The enables you to search by Camera Brand, Model :-

Ex-Pro Advanced Product Finder


We also have a visual port finder on the following page, this enables you to view the port image and match to the correct cable.

Ex-Pro Visual Port Finder

































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